Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash

Cash is the most common form of gift that comes to the NSU Foundation. Your gift of cash, like other gifts, can be directed to a fund, specific scholarship or program. Make your check payable to "NSU Foundation, Inc." or download our automatic bank draft form here. 

Gifts of Securities or Real Property

Contributions of stock or real estate with appreciated value are another way to lend support. When the NSU Foundation acquires your gift of appreciated stock or property, you receive a tax deduction equal to its fair market value and avoid costly capital gains tax on the increase in value.


Your donations of software, licenses, services, vendor products, and other property also support the mission and programs of NSU. These gifts-in-kind allow us to use our resources for other needs while you get a credit for your support. Contact us for guidelines and acceptance policy regarding gifts-in-kind.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A deferred gift, such as a charirable gift annuity, is a great way to make a significant contribution. In exchange for your gift of cash or property, the NSU Foundation guarantees you a lifetime of income.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Your charitable remainder trust can be funded during your lifetime or through a testamentary disposition. Each provides life income for designated beneficiary(ies), which can include you.

Life Insurance

Naming the NSU Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy is also an option, especially when your policy has a face amount that is much greater than the amount you can afford to give in cash. This ensures that future premium payments made by you are tax-deductible. Pay the entire policy, or make annual contributions to the NSU Foundation for the cost of premiums.

Wills and Trusts

The NSU Foundation can also be named as beneficiary in the wills and trusts of Northeastern alumni and friends. You can elect to leave all or part of an estate to benefit the University.

The will is the most widely used estate-planning tool in America today. A simple document that is easily drafted and updated, it remains the most popular method of planned giving for almost every charity, including the NSU Foundation.

While a will can be a simple and effective option for many, a living trust might allow assets to be distributed to heirs without the delays or costs of probate.

Be sure to consult with a qualified professional before you draft your will or trust, and review it often. Sample language is available for any of the bequests listed above.

For additional information on wills, bequests, or planned giving in general, please contact the NSU Foundation at 918.458.2143 or click here if you would like someone from our offices to contact you.