History of the NSU Foundation
The Northeastern State University Foundation was founded on July 27, 1971 as a 501(c)3 charitable organization created exclusively to benefit Northeastern State University. The purpose of the NSU Foundation is to acquire and distribute support for Northeastern State University for charitable, benevolent, educational, scientific and literary purposes. Offices of the NSU Foundation are located in the Gene Branscum Alumni Center (built in 1989) on NSU's main campus in Tahlequah.

Under the outstanding leadership of Clay Felts as the first chairman of the Board of Directors, the NSU Foundation secured $10,000 in private funding within one year of its founding. This support for academic excellence at Northeastern has taken a stronghold among friends of the University over the past 40 years.

This past year included many successes for the NSU Foundation. In 2010, the number of donors surpassed 2,200, with direct public support of the institution exceeding 1.6 million dollars.  This success was the result of the hard work and generosity of the Foundation Board, and the generosity of thousands of alumni and friends.
Past Chairs of the NSU Foundation
1971-1973 Clay Felts
1973-1974 Jack Durrett
1974-1975 Maurice Box
1975-1977 Jack Reese
1977-1979 John Steiger
1979-1980 Robert Cunningham
1980-1982 Lucille Hurd
1982-1985 Bill Langley
1985-1987 Peter Manhart
1987-1989 Tom Vanderpool
1989-1991 Ernie Shannon
1991-1993 Joe Enlow
1993-1996 Jay Hannah
1996-1997 Bill Langley
1997-1998 Ernie Shannon
1998-2000 Wellon Poe
2000-2002 L.P. Woods Jr.
2002-2004 Maurice Turney
2004-2006 Alan Chapman
2006-2008 Dan Sullivan
2008-2010 Jim Gore
2010-2012 Harold Battenfield
2012-2014 Larry Dotson
2014-2016 Larry Adair
2016 - Present Denise Spears Roddy