What is an endowment? Quite simply, it is a perpetual fund that provides annual income to support one or more scholarships or academic programs. The endowments listed below exist because of the generosity of Northeastern alumni and friends. These permanent funds are critical to NSU's success in recruiting and retaining top quality students.

When you establish an endowment with the NSU Foundation, you …

  •     Enable Perpetual Support
    •     Your gift toward an endowed fund creates never-ending support for students, faculty and programs.
  •     Ensure a Strong Future
    •     Your endowment is an investment in the future of Northeastern State University.  As it  grows, the University gains additional  support.
  •     Enact a Lasting Legacy

Your endowed fund is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a family member, loved one, classmate or professor. Created in perpetuity, your endowment has a long lasting legacy associated with NSU. Endowed funds are reminders of the great support provided by those who came before.

For inquiries about applying for any of the scholarships listed below, please contact the NSU Scholarship Office in Student Financial Services at (918) 456-5511 Ext 3740. 

NSU Endowment Accounts

To view the endowment descriptions, please click here

Larry Adair Leadership Scholarship
Larry Adair Lectureship Series in Government & Public Policy
Adanedi Scholarship
AFVA Family Scholarship
American Indian Merit Award Scholarship
George K. Antoine Scholarship
Dr. Janet Bahr Scholarship
Fannie Baker Memorial Scholarship 
Buck Ballard Memorial Scholarship
Louise Covey Ballard Memorial Endowment
William H. Ballard Memorial Scholarship
Mary & Harold Battenfield Scholarship Endowment
MSG Michael Beck Superior Cadet Award
Ed & Denise Bell Scholarship
Wesley "Dub" Berry Memorial Scholarship
Donald & Mari Betz Global Citizen Scholarship
Dr. Debra Bezan Geriatric Optometry Scholarship
Marie Bishop Early Childhood/Elementary Education Scholarship
James H. & Norma R. Blossom Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kirk Boatright Endowed Professorship in Optometry
Dr. Betsy Brackett Endowed Chair of Science
Susan E. Brackett Endowed Chair
Nell Stapler Bradshaw II Memorial Scholarship
Gene & Helen Branscum Scholarship
Bricks & Windows Scholarship Fund
Marjory Hensley Bright Scholarship
Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Dr. Sara Brown Scholarship
Buffington/Shannon/Caris Scholarship
Dr. Richard B. Bullock Scholarship
Jerri Chandler Burrows Memorial Scholarship
Vernon & Mary Helen Burrows Memorial Scholarship
Freda James Burtner PLC Endowment
Campus Bench Endowment
Lela Canada Scholarship
John & Janice Carletti Endowment
Christa Carlton Scholarship
Carson Foundation Professorship in Liberal Arts
Dr. Ron Carter Memorial Scholarship
Castleberry Family Scholarship
Centurion RISE Scholarship
Bryan "Jake" Chanate Memorial American Indian Scholarship
Bryan “Jake” Chanate Will Rogers Indian Club Scholarship
Elise Manus Chance Memorial Scholarship
Circle of Excellence Awards Endowment
James & Susie Coats Memorial Scholarship
Jack & Jane Cochran Scholarship
Bertie Craig Cooper Scholarship
Corn/Stern Family Endowment
Crafton & Leoser Families Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
John & Marguerite Crittenden Memorial Scholarship
Bob Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
Faye Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
Lynn A. Cyert Award for Excellence in Pediatric Optometry
Alice Davis Memorial Scholarship
Zoe Davis Memorial Scholarship
Deem/Smith/deSteiguer Endowment
Descendants of Cherokee Seminaries Students Scholarship
Dewberry Faculty Award
Martha Poynor Dickerson Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Endowed Scholarship
Zula Belle Dobbins Memorial Scholarship
L. L. Dockrey Endowed Scholarship
Larry Dotson Excellence in Financial Planning Scholarship
Fred Dupy Scholarship
John C. and Hazel P. Eddings Endowed Chair in the College of Education
John C. and Hazel P. Eddings Scholarship for the President’s Leadership Class
John C. and Hazel P. Eddings Scholarship for the College of Education
Drew Edmondson Debate Scholarship
Embrace the Vision Scholarship Endowment
eNSUre Our Future Undergraduate Scholarships
eNSUre Our Future Graduate Scholarships
Entrepreneurship Lectureship Series
Freddie Lou Etter Library Endowment
Eversole Family Fund for Media Studies
Mary Elizabeth Crittenden Fain & I. A. Fain Endowed Book Scholarship 
Jacob Farinelli/Joe Davis Memorial Scholarship
Merle & Lucille Gilbert Farnsworth Memorial Scholarship
Kay Felts Memorial Scholarship
Elvin W. Fenton, OD Scholarship
Mike Fine Scholarship
Charles Lafayette Ford Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Frie Scholarship
Dorothy G. Frie Health & Kinesiology Scholarship
Jesse & Marilyn Gailey Endowed Professorship
Toni Garner College of Business & Technology Endowment
Debbie (Wing) Garrett Memorial Scholarship
Phyllis Garroutte Memorial Scholarship
General Endowment
General Scholarship Endowment
Green & White Society Scholarship
Green Country Funeral Home Scholarship
Jess & Gladys Grider Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Everett Grigsby Memorial Scholarship
John H. Grubbs II Memorial Fund
Lorraine L. Gunter Scholarship
Dr. Warren Gwartney Memorial Scholarship
Larry Ham Endowment
Dr. Daniel Hansen Memorial Scholarship
Ella Sexton Harmon & Grover Harmon Memorial Scholarship
Martha Harrington Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Nadene Harris Memorial Scholarship
Frank Haven Memorial Scholarship
Ruth Ann Hembree Memorial Scholarship
Matthew O. Henderson Scholarship
Norman & Mary John Hill Scholarship
Lucille Hurd Hitson Memorial Scholarship
George M. Hopkins Memorial Scholarship
James K. Howard Endowment
Hoya Vision Care Heritage Scholarship
Hoya Vision Care Wilma Mankiller Scholarship
International Program Endowment
Tom W. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Tim Jones Memorial Scholarship
Jones/Mershon Property Endowment
Jordan Twins Scholarship
Kalbitz Endowment
Kansas Children's Project Scholarship
Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma Band Fund
Jack Kaufman Memorial Scholarships
E. Phil Kirschner Memorial Scholarship
Kiwanis Club of Tahlequah Scholarship
Kelly Koupe Memorial Scholarship
Gene Kozlowski Information Systems & Technology and Supply Chain Management Scholarship
Marjory Griffin Leake Memorial Scholarship
Belva Lester Scholarship
James L. Lester Sr. & James L. Lester Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Tom & Joe Lester Scholarship
Dennis & Billie Letts Scholarship
Mary Jane Craig Letts & Ray Don Letts Scholarship
David and Patrice Lewerenz Low Vision Award
Light The Way Fund
Dr. Alison Lindorfer Memorial Optometric Scholarship
Dr. Justin & Jennifer Lindsey Endowed Meeting & Convention Management Award 
Dr. Justin and Jennifer Lindsey Endowed Optometry Practice Management Award
Dr. Valgene Littlefield Debate Scholarship
Dr. Betty Ritch Lombardi Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Tiffany Maher Memorial Scholarship
Kristi Malenski Leadership Tahlequah Scholarship
Donald Ernest Maritt Merit Scholarship
Dr. John Marouk Endowed Fund
Charlene Mason Memorial Scholarship
Masonic Leadership Endowment
Henry & Joann McCabe NSUOCO International Mission Scholarship
Ray T. McSpadden Memorial Endowment
Roy & Cherrie McSpadden Hinds Memorial Scholarship
Charles A. & E. Anne McWilliams Scholarship
Mike Synar Center Endowment
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation Scholarship
Model the Way Awards Endowment
W. Gene Moffitt Memorial Accounting Scholarship
Leonard & Claudia Moore Family Alumni Scholarship
Debbie Hicks Morgan PLC Scholarship
John A. Morris Memorial Scholarship
Charlie Murchison Memorial Scholarship
Music Scholarships Endowment
Steven Newman Memorial Scholarship
Carl and Loretta Nick Scholarship Endowment
Dr. George Nolan Pre-med Scholarship
Michael & Linda Nowicki Endowed Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
NSU Alumni Association Endowment
NSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship
James D. Ogletree Scholarship
Optometry General Scholarship Endowment
Burl & Barbara Overmon Scholarship
David Pan Endowment
Thelma Parker NSU/Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Scholarship in Professional Music
Dr. John Pembroke Practice Management Award
Pioneers in Optometry General Endowment
Wellon B. & Verna Dean Poe/ Betty Lackey Hefner Scholarship
Joanna Rodger Chambers Pope & Frank Pope Sr Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Edwin & Dorthene Pointer Endowed Pre-med Scholarship
President’s Ambassador Network
President's Leadership Class Endowment
Rex O. Presley Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Brian Rader Memorial Scholarship
Captain Terry Rains Memorial Scholarship
Kenny Ramsdell Memorial Scholarship
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Music Scholarship
Reading Clinic/Wadley Center Fund
Larry Reasor Memorial Scholarship
DeLoyd Reed Memorial Scholarship
Lena Seitz Robertson Lectureship 
John Ross Endowed Scholarship
William Rauch Band Scholarship
Kristy Leann Seachris Memorial Scholarship
W.C. & Mollie Sexton Memorial Scholarship
Sandra R. Farley Shaw Scholarship
Sigma Sigma Sigma Jeanne Johnson Service Scholarship
SINCO Scholarship Endowment
Oral G. Sizemore Scholarship
Don & Fran Smith Scholarship 
LaFerne Smith Memorial Scholarship
Mary Tennessee Lynn Smith Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Preston L. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Shawntel Smith Scholarship
Dr. Stephen Smith Scholarship
Society of Physics Students Scholarship
Southwest Contact Lens Society Scholarship
Southwestern Bell Endowed Lectureship for the Performing Arts
Denise Spears Roddy Award for Leadership
Reba Starr Robison Keys HS Scholarship
Reba Starr Robison Stilwell HS Scholarship
SNAG Scholarship
Deborah Stauss Memorial Scholarship
Doris Ione Mills Stauss Memorial Scholarship
Aaron K. Stern Memorial Scholarship
Mary Kathryn and Eva Harriett Stewart PLC Endowment
Marilyn Stinson Memorial Scholarship
Mary Stratton Optometry Scholarship
Clare M. Stroup & Thomas E. Stroup Endowed Music Scholarship
Darrell & Sandra Sullenger Scholarship
Dan Sullivan Scholarship
Janet Sullivan Scholarship
Lou Summers Endowed Vocal Music Scholarship
Survivors 2 Scholars Scholarship
Stacy Michelle Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Teacher Education Scholarship
Bob Thomason Memorial Scholarship
Allen and Elizabeth Timmons Endowed Scholarship for Education
William Frank Tolbert Endowed Chair for Business
William Frank Tolbert Memorial Scholarship
Calvin Turnbow Scholarship
Maurice & Clarice Turney Scholarship
University Services Scholarship
Dr. Hank Van Veen Award for Outstanding Clinician
Harry T. & Nancy A. Vanhooser Memorial Scholarship
Hazel McClure Vann Memorial Scholarship
Gregg Wadley Endowed Chair of Science
Gregg Wadley College of Science & Health Professions Scholarship
Wadley Center Maintenance Endowment
Wadley Family Endowment for Athletics
Lorena F. Walker Memorial Scholarship
George Wallace Memorial Scholarship
Dr. L. E. Wallen Memorial Scholarship
Wal-Mart Supply Chain Management (Logistics Emphasis) Endowed Scholarship
Nancy Ward Scholarship
Dr. William J. "Bill" Ward Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Feron G. Waters Library Endowment
Francis Wheeler Athletic Support Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Dorothy Willey Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Al Williams Scholarship
Dr. Larry & Pam Williams Endowed PLC Scholarship
Larry & Pam Williams Scholarship
Diane Willis Endowment
Winters Family Scholarship for Students with Physical Disabilities
Darrell Wilson, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. William M. Wilson Family Merit Scholarship
Joy Blakemore Wiseley Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Lynn Cyert Women in Optometry Scholarship
Evelyn R.  Woods Thomson Memorial Stipend 
Dr.  L. P. Woods Endowed Lectureship in Mathematics
L. P. Woods Endowed Scholarship
Carlton Wright Sand Springs Home Scholarship
Scott & Tommye Wright Endowed Scholarship
Ben Hollywood Ziegler Memorial Scholarship