Members of the NSU Foundation Guardian Society are honored for their outstanding insight that reflects a visionary commitment to the mission of the University.  With the unique discernment that comes with looking beyond the needs of today to the challenges of a changing world, these friends of Northeastern form a unique 'hall of fame.'  They are heroes to the students whose lives are changed through their generosity. 

By naming the NSU Foundation in their wills, these honorees have designated all or a portion of their estate to be used for endowment or other special purposes.  Among their ranks are included those who have arranged a charitable gift annuity with the NSU Foundation.  These philanthropic individuals are sharing their assets with NSU, while maintaining an economic stream for their lifetime.

Members of the Guardian Society include donors who have placed major assets in a charitable trust, to meet personal income needs in their lives, and to benefit the NSU Foundation in the years ahead.  They deserve a standing ovation for their foresight.

Other members have made the NSU Foundation a beneficiary of their life insurance or retirement plan accounts.  These donors invest in the future of Northeastern, and in doing so, reaffirm their commitment to permanence.

It's not the amount an individual gives that earns a place in the NSU Foundation Guardian Society.  Rather, it is the uncommon discernment that comes with seeing tomorrow's needs and acting today.

We want to honor you and count you among those worthy members of the NSU Foundation Guardian Society.  To learn more about this planned giving opportunity, contact the NSU Foundation at 918. 458.2143.


Ruth Arrington*
Bill John Baker
Donn & Sharon Baker
Tim* & Isabel Baker
Tim & Diana Baker
Clyde and Carol Ann Barkley
Dennis & Helen Bearpaw
Tom & Prissy Been
Ed Bell
Marie Bishop*
Nell Stapler Bradshaw II*
John Brooks
Kathlyeen Burnett*
Freda James Burtner*
Laureita Caldwell*
John* & Janice Carletti
Dr. Paul Carter*
Jack Castleberry*
Alan Chapman
A. Michelle Clifton
Glenn & Lisa Coffee
John Crittenden*
Zoe Davis*
Hazel Deem*
John* & Mary Jo deSteiguer
John & Darla deSteiguer
L. Leon Dockery
Freddie Lou Etter*
Max and Peggy Eversole*
Clay & Kay Felts*
Jesse* & Marilyn Gailey
Ann Leinn Gibson
Jim & Becky (Smith) Gore
Lorraine L. Gunter*
Dr. Gene Hall
Jay & Valerie Hannah
Nadene Harris*
Matthew O. Henderson
Bill and Doris Squyres Hinds*
Lucille Hurd Hitson*
Gerald Jones*
John & Lucy Jones*
Ethel F. Kalbitz*
Jim & Maureen Kerr*

* Denotes Deceased

Lucille M. Ketcher*
Tim & Carla Livesay
Donald Ernest Maritt*
Dr. June C. May, MD
Edward L. McCoy*
Henry Migliore
Eddie & Kendyll Miller
Bess Monroe*
Esther Sexton Moss*
Todd and Paula Mutzig
Suzanne Myers
Michael & Linda Nowicki
Lorene Owen*
Levi & Virginia Parker*
James W. Phillips
Bill Pierce
Wellon & Kim Hefner Poe
Ruth Presley*
Bill and Norene Rauch
David A. & Barbara E. Reid
Bob* & Norma Roady
Reba Robison*
Mary Golda Ross*
Linda Small
Belva C. Smith*
John Arthur Smith*
Mary Kathryn Stewart*
Rennard Strickland
Darrell Sullenger
Dan Sullivan
Janet Sullivan
Larry Ray Timbrook
Elizabeth Timmons*
William Frank Tolbert*
Michael & Lisa Turner
Maurice & Clarice Turney
Gino & Carolyn Uccellini
Lorena Walker*
Lesley and Mary Ann Walls
Larry & Pam Williams
John P. Yeutter